Eyebrow Embroidery Common Questions

Regarding Eyelashes | I heard keratin lashes can become messy after some time... is that true?
Regarding Eyelashes | After eyelash extensions, do I need regular follow-ups? This maintains the captivating eyes, right? 👀✨
Regarding Eyelashes | Typically, how long can eyelash extensions last?
Regarding Lips | How long does lip embroidery last?
Regarding Eyelashes | Can mascara be applied after keratin treatment?
Regarding Eyebrows | How long after misty eyebrows can I start applying makeup? After all, we want to look gorgeous every day! 💖
Regarding Hair Removal | Hot waxing for hair removal! A must-read for those scared of hair removal 🙆🏻‍♀️ Reducing hair growth
Regarding Eyebrows | Why is a touch-up recommended for misty eyebrows?
Regarding Eyebrows | Why do some eyebrows scab after misting while others don't?
Regarding Eyebrows | Do you know what a healing period is? It's crucial for perfect eyebrows! 💢
Regarding Eyebrows | There are so many types of misty eyebrows, how do I choose?
Regarding Eyebrows | I really want misty eyebrows, but how do I choose the color?
Regarding Eyebrows | How long can misty eyebrows last after completion?
Regarding Lips | Can lip embroidery cause inflammation? Is it difficult to care for?
Regarding Eyebrows | What's the difference between tattooing, embroidery, and misty eyebrows?
Regarding Eyebrows | What is the three-point, five-eye concept? Using eyebrows to modify face shape!
Regarding Eyebrows | Why is there such a vast difference in misty eyebrow prices? How do I choose?
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