About Carman

Carman, founded officially in September 2007 by Teacher Yijun, born into a family deeply rooted in the beauty industry, possesses an innate sensitivity to beauty. With an extensive background of 20 years in beauty, eyelash extension, embroidery, and more, she has mentored numerous beauty professionals in setting up their businesses.

Through professional consultation and exceptional technical expertise, we grant women a renewed lease on life.

We are a collective of professional designers in the beauty industry, each specialized in different areas. You can rest assured that while our projects are diverse, everyone has expertise in their respective fields, eliminating concerns about incomplete or inadequate services. Renowned as the forerunners in Taiwan’s misty eyebrow technique, we have been featured in various major TV programs for our embroidery expertise.

Sixteen years ago in Hsinchu City, we were among the first excellent establishments to introduce eyelash extensions. With highly skilled eyelash technicians and beauty professionals boasting over 25 years of experience, we offer comprehensive and professional services, ensuring your beauty needs are met from head to toe.

Discovering New Taiwan

Grateful for the invitation from "Discovering New Taiwan" for the shoot

Our team comprises experienced stylists in eyelash extensions and embroidery
Apart from our expertise in beauty and body services, we have been invited to guide numerous professional courses domestically and internationally.